Wind Turbine Technician

Borea Construction
Oyen, AB
Full time

In this position you will be responsible for installing wind turbine components which include these task; follow turbine installation procedures, respect and adhere to safety procedures, clean components on the ground, complete mechanical preparation of the components on the ground, proceed to visual inspection for damage and ensure safe lifting operations prior to lifting, rig the components with turbine specific rigging devices, climb wind turbines on a daily basis, establish strong communications with crane operators, use taglines to maintain control of the loads, bolt and torque the components sections using hydraulics or pneumatics as per the installation instructions, operate equipment such as telehandlers, skid steers and man-lifts and perform work site cleanup.

Requirements include:

  • Observe safety and security procedures
  • Report potentially unsafe conditions
  • Use equipment and materials properly
  • Consistently at work and on time
  • Arrive at meetings and appointments on time
  • Follow instructions, respond to management directions
  • Take responsibility for own actions
  • Commit to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals

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