Pasture Livestock Production Specialist

TK Ranch
Coronation, AB
Full time

In this position you will be responsible for Animal Husbandry of pigs including managing breeding groups, farrowing, weaning, summer pasture rotation, winter pasture housing, formulated rations, grinding feed and feeding and maintaining health records and biosecurity protocols. Animal husbandry of laying hens including management of new pullets and hens, feeding and watering as required, filling and maintaining nest boxes and keeping chicken house clean, collecting, washing, weighing, sorting, cartoning and refrigerating eggs and maintaining written records. You will also be responsible for general maintenance and operation of equipment including electric and barbed wire fences, hog waterers, tractors, trucks, and miscellaneous feeding equipment. A private yard, 3-bedroom home, utilities, internet, and health benefits package are offered in addition to the monthly salary.

Requirements include:

  • Previous experience raising both pigs and laying hens
  • Knowledge on how to operate tractors, skid steers, and other basic farm equipment
  • Preference will be given to individuals who have experience raising these livestock on pasture

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